Variety and Types of Slot Machines in Singapore

In modern gambling establishments, there are thousands of types of slots and gambling machines. Some models are designed in the likeness of the one-armed bandits that were popular in land-based casinos several decades ago. Modern versions have additional features that ensure exciting gameplay and stable winnings. Today, slot machines are divided into categories: manufacturer, genre, functional features, and structure.

Slot machines: variety of offers in online casinos

In online casinos, the types of slot machines are amazingly diverse. There are no two identical devices, despite the similarity of themes, functionality and other parameters. Each game contains a twist that makes it exciting and original.

Classic retro slots and modern innovations

Classic devices include those characterized by simple rules and a simple structure. These are 3 or 5 reel models with an undefined theme. There are traditional symbols on the playing field: fruits, bells, stars, sevens, signs with the inscription “BAR”, and precious stones.


The functionality is represented by options that complement the primary rounds:

  • Special symbols;
  • Free spins;
  • Risky Round;
  • Repeated Spins, Respins;

Jackpot with progressively increasing rewards.

Modern gambling models offer great functional diversity. Most of them are made in 3D graphics using animation effects. The thematic variety of slot machines is incalculable. Developers offer titles based on films, TV series, and comics and make heroes of animals, aliens, and fantasy heroes. Historical and adventure games are dedicated to various events, holidays, and dates in fashion.

In addition to the typical Wild and Scatter symbols, which are present in classic models, modern ones also have the following types of special symbols:

Expanding. If the specified conditions are met, the sign expands to the entire vertical of the reel.

Folded. It appears in stripes, occupying two or more cells on the reel.

Giant. A primary symbol that occupies two or more cells, forming a square or rectangle.

Sticky. Remains in place during the next spin of the reel.

In modern types of slot machines, the gamer will see many new and promising bonuses, including:

  • Selection Of Items with Mandatory Rewards;
  • Single Repeated Rotations When Certain Conditions Are Met;
  • Themed Mini-Games with A Storyline and Main Character;
  • Modification of symbols – one symbol turns into another, increasing the potential winnings;
  • Random reward. This option is turned on randomly – the player does not need to fulfil any conditions;
  • The player will receive his bonus after accumulating points.

Slot Machines of The Second and Third Class

Many jurisdictions in Singapore divide slot machines into two classes – Class 2 games and Class 3 games. The latter are the traditional slots that you can find in Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City and other major gambling destinations. At the same time, second-class games can be found in smaller gambling destinations, often in states that only allow casinos owned by Indian tribes.

Class 3 slot machines are sometimes called “Las Vegas-style” slot machines. The outcome of each spin depends on the spinning reels, and each of these spins is an independent event. During each spin, anything can happen, be it a win or a loss.

On the other hand, second-class slot machines are more like bingo or lotteries. Instead of playing against the house, as in Vegas-style games, players play against each other in an attempt to win a jackpot, which is more familiar with bingo and lotteries. The game looks, sounds, and feels very similar to traditional slot machines, but the mathematics and mechanics in which these slots are built are entirely different. There are a fixed number of wins and losses in every set of spins, so the game results are dependent on each other.



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