Games With Fixed and Progressive Jackpots


At one time, most slot machines only had fixed jackpot sizes. Games with a fixed maximum win are called “flat top” slots, and such slot machines are still standard. They offer lower prizes for the big winner, but the odds of winning that prize are much better than the odds of winning a progressive jackpot.

The jackpot on progressive slot machines rises over time. This is usually a vast jackpot, on par with the money a person can win in the lottery. The slot machine takes a tiny percentage of every bet made and adds it to the jackpot until someone wins it. After this, the slot starts a new countdown from the starting jackpot amount.

However, slots with progressive jackpots can be divided even further. There are progressive slots where the jackpot is unique to one single machine – these slots are called stand-alone progressive slots. Local network jackpots, on the other hand, combine multiple slot machines in one casino that all have one jackpot. Such slots are also quite common.

There are also progressive slots of a vast area that connect machines in several casinos. These slots will have the biggest jackpots, as theoretically, an enormous number of players contribute to the jackpot pool every time they spin the reels, regardless of where they are. The most famous type of slot is the Megabucks network, which has a starting jackpot of $10 million. In some cases, the jackpot in these games reached $20 and even $30 million before anyone won it.

Online Slots and Land-Based Slots

Online slot machines are played using a computer via the Internet. These games work in a similar way to traditional Vegas slots, but all monetary transactions are also processed using the Internet.

Online slots have tangible advantages and disadvantages compared to their land-based counterparts. One of the most significant advantages is that the payout percentage is often higher in online games. Due to their lower overhead compared to physical casinos, online casinos can offer a higher payout percentage.

Receiving your winnings slowly is one of the most significant drawbacks of playing online. They are transferred to your casino account, so you must take the money out of there. This typically takes some time to complete, depending on the cashout method you choose, as well as the time it takes the casino’s payment department to process the transaction.

Bow and tight slot machines

These “varieties” are almost entirely subjective. A loose game pays out more frequently, while a tight game has the opposite tendency. Saying that a particular game is loose is merely an opinion, though, as the typical casino patron has no way of knowing the payout percentage on a specific slot machine. On the other hand, a wide range of opinions on this matter, particularly with regard to online gaming, can be found on different gambling forums.


One payline runs directly through the middle of all three reels on a traditional slot machine. The game awards you money if the symbols form a certain combination.

Many pay lines spread across five reels are a feature of more recent slot machines. The player will have a higher chance of winning at least something on each spin if they follow some of these intricate lines. There are machines with 3, 5, or even 25 lines. The “243 lines” slot machine is one of the newest models available. It fully utilizes the idea of pay lines by paying you money if you manage to collect any winning symbol combination from left to right.